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Peace of Mind

You and your family will never be left out in the cold (or heat) again with fast, effective emergency HVAC repair service from Infinity Heating & Air

Day Or Night,
We’ll make it right

There’s never a convenient time to lose heating or cooling in your home. Infinity Heating & Air is available around the clock to respond to your HVAC emergency. In many cases, our experts can get you and your family back to enjoying endless comfort in your home within 24 hours.



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Infinity Is Here To Do More

We’re more than just another HVAC contractor that sells and services heating and air conditioning units. Infinity Heating & Air is a local, family-owned business that has been providing custom indoor environment solutions for commercial spaces for over 20 years.

Our knowledge of Northwest Washington’s microclimates, our attention to detail, and our unmatched customer service are why business owners around the Sound call on us for all of their commercial HVAC and air quality needs.


Emergency Service For Your Home Environment Has Never Been Easier

Experience the Infinity Heating & Air difference! Our expert technicians are standing by to serve you and your home at any time and in any emergency.

  • Contact us via phone or online form. Our specialists will respond within 24 hours to evaluate your HVAC issue, potentially diagnosing it over the phone to avoid unnecessary service calls.

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  • If the issue is urgent and we have the necessary parts, an expert will visit your home within 24 hours to assess the situation, provide a quote, and perform emergency service. If parts need to be ordered, this step may take 2-5 days.

  • Once we have all the required parts, our expert will promptly complete your emergency service. We ensure you understand the repair process and offer advice to prevent future issues. 

Emergency Repair and Satisfaction Assurance

We aim for your complete satisfaction with the quality of the emergency repair before concluding our service.

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HVAC Emergency FAQ’s

  • How do I know If my HVAC issue is an emergency?

    HVAC troubles are a nuisance, and they can cause damage to your property. Not sure if you should call a professional right away? Signs of an HVAC emergency include:

    • Decreased or absent heating or cooling power
    • Lack of electrical power to your heater or other appliances
    • A noticeable water leak
    • Unusual odors, like rotten eggs or something burning
    • Unusual sounds coming from furnace or air vents

    If the HVAC issue you’re experiencing

    • Continues after shutting off power, water, or heat
    • Presents any immediate danger (such as smoke or sparks)
    • Affects your ability to go about your daily personal or professional activities

    Call the experts at Infinity Heating & Air, and we’ll respond to your emergency, 24/7!

  • What causes HVAC emergencies?
    • Some of the most common causes of HVAC emergencies you may encounter are:
    1. Power Outages 

      Power outages are a major cause of HVAC meltdowns. Outages caused by weather events, such as high winds and thunderstorms, can damage your system’s electrical components. A surge protector or emergency generator can help protect against this.

    2. Electrical Failure 

      Electrical issues range from minor problems like loose wiring or burned-out fuses to more serious problems that can potentially damage your system and start fires. Improper installation, overuse, and aging components in the system usually cause electrical failures. Keep up with regular maintenance and service to reduce the risk of an electrical failure in your HVAC system.

    3. Dirty Filters 

      Clogged or dirty filters restrict airflow and create an imbalance between the return and supply of air. This reduces efficiency, results in higher utility bills, and can damage the indoor components of your system. Keep filters clean to avoid repair bills down the line.

    4. Broken Thermostat 

      Faulty temperature control can cause your system to overwork and suffer serious damage. An unresponsive or inaccurate thermostat may need maintenance, or even a complete replacement in, some scenarios.

    5. Blockages or Leaks in Pipes 

      Dirt, dust, and blockages that form over time in insulation or pipes can restrict airflow around the system and cause emergency breakdowns,

    6. Mechanical Failures 

      An HVAC system can experience a range of mechanical failures. From minor issues such as a broken belt or loose connection, to more serious problems like a worn-out compressor or failed motor, mechanical failures could render your HVAC unusable. Regular maintenance and servicing will help prevent most of these issues, but it’s important to be aware that they may still occur due to regular wear and tear.

  • How do I prevent an HVAC emergency?

    The best way to prevent an HVAC emergency in your home is to call on the experts at Infinity Heating & Air to design, install, and maintain your system. We’ll make sure your system is the ideal fit for your needs, that it is installed properly, and that it stays in good working condition. As a homeowner, you can also make sure that your home is properly insulated, and that its ventilation system isn’t compromised by dirt, debris, or overgrown shrubbery.

  • What can I do to stay comfortable during an HVAC emergency

    Even with 24/7 emergency response, it can take your HVAC repair technician a few hours to get ready, reach your home, and finish the repair. Assuming it is safe to stay in your home, you’ll need to find other ways to stay warm or cool while your system is down. 

    Staying Warm During the Winter 

    Pick a room on the warmest side of your house and have everyone sit in that room together. Hang thick blankets over the doors and windows to help with insulation. Use portable electric heaters if your home’s power is still on.  

    Staying in the same place will help conserve heat. It can also help to lay under blankets together. 

    Staying Cool During the Summer 

    If you have power, turn on your ceiling fans and plug in some floor fans. Put buckets of ice in front of the fans to make the air feel even cooler. You can also put ice packs against your skin. Also, be sure and drink plenty of water!

  • When is an HVAC issue NOT an emergency?

    Not every HVAC issue that comes is an emergency—any of the following concerns that may come up can typically be dealt with during regular service hours:

    • General HVAC repairs when it’s not too hot or cold outside.
    • Routine filter cleanings or changes.
    • HVAC maintenance service.
    • New HVAC installations when your existing unit is still working.
    • HVAC upgrades or improvements.
    • Lack of operation due to a planned power outage in your area.

    There are even some steps you can take on your own before calling for emergency HVAC assistance. For instance, if you’re getting warm air instead of cold air, check your thermostat to see if the settings are correctly adjusted. Other troubleshooting steps for HVAC problems include:

    • Checking to see if your circuit breaker has tripped.
    • Turning off the unit if there’s a buildup of ice to give it a chance to melt.
    • Making sure the service switch wasn’t accidentally turned to the off position.
    • Checking easily accessible connections to make sure nothing’s loose or unplugged.

We’re Sure You’ll Love Our Work

Endless comfort begins long before you turn up the thermostat. The entire process of creating your home environment, from your first phone or online inquiry to the quality of the final installation, should feel comfortable and hassle-free.

At Infinity Heating & Air, we stand behind our workmanship and customer service with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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